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The Fug Girls: The Saga of Ryan Murphy's Seat at Band of Outsiders

Maybe Solange Knowles should be on Glee?

Saturday was a night of highs and lows for Ryan Murphy. Gwyneth Paltrow won an Emmy for her portrayal of Holly Holliday on Glee, but the show's Svengali was forced to wait in a gas station parking lot with the rest of the plebes outside the Band of Outsiders show. Murphy did so with nary a complaint, although he may well have been mentally composing an angry voice-over for Rachel Berry inspired by his time among the great unwashed. At least Murphy wasn't alone: He'd brought Kevin McHale, who was dressed in a way best expressed as "charmingly nerdish" — which might also be a good descriptor for Artie, his character on Glee.

Eventually, the PR folks sent someone out to fetch the boys, where Murphy was relegated to — horrors! — a second-row seat. Murphy sat down, treating the rest of the venue to a gold-plated thousand-yard stare, before jumping up again to meander aimlessly. "Who can we move?" a PR girl hissed, as Murphy wandered back to the second row. Eventually, he was plucked from the hinterlands and placed next to Joe Zee, who seemed pleased to get a moment to chat — which makes sense, given that we know from Zee's Twitter that he loves Glee. Hopefully, Murphy gave Joe the opportunity to weigh in on the Rachel Berry Waits 30 Minutes at a Gas Station C-Story he just started working on.

Possibly imaginary crisis averted, we were able to concentrate on the rest of the boldface names, of which there were hardly any. Despite being tapped to appear in Band of Outsiders' ads, neither Rupert "Ron Weasley" Grint nor Tom "Draco Malfoy" Felton showed up to check in with the bosses, which disappointed anyone hoping to ask them some probing questions about wandlore. We did, however, spy Solange, whose hair looks awesome right now. We just wish she'd managed to score some face time with Murphy — if Gwyneth can score an Emmy for singing "Forget You" with an umbrella, surely an actual singer with Knowlesian DNA could work real magic.

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Photo: Patrick McMullan

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