The Fug Girls: Kellan Lutz of Twilight Gets His Heart Stolen at Lacoste

Kellan Lutz backstage at Lacoste. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/2011 Getty Images

Traditionally, Lacoste is the show where we get all excited by a bold-faced name on a seat label — in the past, front-row signs have said both “SWINTON” and “SARKOZY” — only to find out that said label referred to entirely different people than we expected. This letdown can be very melancholy, especially when we’d gotten all worked up about the possibility of Tilda Swinton swanning in, wearing her usual up-market Hefty bag couture. Thusly conditioned never to trust what we read, when we arrived at our seats for Saturday’s show and noticed a spot two bums down labeled “LUTZ,” we assumed it would turn out to be the pasty 30 Rock writer, and decided to manage our expectations by planning how to ask him if he’d call Chris Parnell for us and inquire whether Dr. Spacemen knows any moderately legal blister cures. But then all of a sudden, the seat was full with the muscular backside of Twilight’s Kellan Lutz. And yes, we know it was muscular, because when he stood up to have his photos taken we flagrantly checked it out, and ogled his biceps, and maybe accidentally objectified him a little. But we think he’d be fine with that. Why else do dudes get that ripped? Because it makes them better at crosswords? No.

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