The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: Of Course the Vegas and Kim Kardashian Plotlines Intersect in the Same Episode

Episode Title
Rodger's Temper and Kim Kardashian Are Hot

Dear Bravo, this fabricated feud between Joey and Jeremiah has got to stop. Fine, maybe it's not even that fabricated, but it seems to be the main source of tension for this season of The Rachel Zoe Project, even though additional drama is not necessary when Rachel Zoe is pregnant with the most famous reality television baby of our time. Perhaps the network is trying to recreate the feud we first witnessed when the show premiered between then-veteran Zoe assistant Taylor Jacobson and then-new Zoe assistant Brad Goreski. However, there was something about that feud that made us like both Brad and Taylor, while the current war between the meager nations of Joey and Jeremiah just makes us dislike Joey. And we never disliked him before!

Things We Learned About Fashion
• It's not that hard to get outfits for a Kim Kardashian shoot in less than a day, even though Zoe says it's "nearly impossible."
• Maybe it's not that hard because the requirement is so simple. "The dresses need to be super-tight," says Rachel. Go-tos for you other chicks in the market for super-tight dresses: Zac Posen, Azzedine Alaia.
• Jeremiah has better taste than Joey. We know this because Joey went straight for a pair of suede mid-calf red tranny boots that even Britney Spears wouldn't wear. "He was like pulling out the most ugly shit I’ve ever seen," Jeremiah says as Joey goes straight for a pair of heels that comes with their own red feather boa.
• When styling, you have to think about the person you're styling. During the pull scene, Jeremiah goes for a studded leopard platform that would scream Kim Kardashian from another hemisphere. Joey goes, "I don't think leopard is part of the story." And he's the one going on about how Rachel needs options, options, more options!
• Rodger's beard looks best when it's not as thick as the mat of necklaces he wears around his neck.
• Stylist should always flatter their clients. "I can’t believe we’ve never worked together," Rachel tells Kim on the set. We can. Kim is not an Oscar-nominated movie star.
• "I think Joey has that kind of gift to make girls feel pretty all the time," Rachel says. So, apparently fawning over E! reality stars on shoots for their fragrance ads is a gift.
• Husbands can make up ill-timed trips to Vegas to their wives by returning with diamonds. We kind of wish this scene wasn't on TV, because it felt bad for women everywhere who don't want to be seen as materialistic, engagement chicken-cooking types, but Zoe shamelessly admits she'd be more okay with the Vegas trip if Rodger comes back with diamonds for her. Then again, at least she's not roasting a chicken for them.
• Never show up to a celebrity shoot without Spanx. Kim's first question when Rachel hands her a red ballgown to try on is, "Do we have Spanx?" It was like she asked, "Can I have some more foundation?"