Video: Coco Rocha Dances at Fashion’s Night Out


We knew Coco Rocha could dance an Irish jig, but is she a closet Ke$ha fan, too? Perhaps, if this video from Macy's Fashion's Night Out event is any indication. Rocha was signing autographs for adoring fans, dressed to frill in an outfit of her own design: ruffled white blouse, a structured jacket with miniature coattails, sleek black pants, and over-the-knee boots. If the aesthetic sounds familiar, it’s no coincidence — Karl Lagerfeld’s muse says she can’t help but absorb his style. “When you work around Karl, you definitely have this Karl attitude,” she says. “All of a sudden you’re curling it up and high collaring it and you’re in these really amazing jackets. Even James, my husband, will be all dressed up in these pointy shoes. [Lagerfeld] gets you inspired to dress up when you’re around him, especially if you’re at his shows. He has an influence on everyone.”