Video: See the Shoes in the Mugler Show Before They Walk in Paris


Paris Fashion Week started today, bringing Milan Fashion Week to an end a day before the full week mark. Today is a light one for shows in France, but you can amuse yourself with Nicola Formichetti's leaks — planned, willing leaks — of the happenings leading up to his Mugler show walking tomorrow. You can see the castings, the accessories, Nicola hanging out in the studio in a tank top — all sorts of stuff that will be in the show. It's like previewing a movie before you go see it, or, better yet, actually being able to see the movie when it comes out! All very novel ideas for fashion. Our favorite teaser so far is probably of the shoes. Watch them walk in the short clip.

11:16 27/09/2011 Sneak peek heels #MUGLER from CyCy Sanders on Vimeo.

Sneak Peek Heels [Nicola Formichetti Tumblr]