A Hollister Store in England Is So Dark People Are Getting Lost Inside

Perhaps the store's models should come like this.

The chain — and its retail parent Abercrombie & Fitch — is well-known for low lighting in stores, most likely to make sure the only visible folk are the shame-spiral-inducing models. But a branch of Hollister in Birmingham, England, has apparently turned the dimmer switch down a bit too far. British newspaper the Telegraph reports would-be Hollister shoppers are bumping into tables and each other, and are unable to even see any of the surfer-inspired merch on sale: "I can't see the sizes, I can't see the prices, I can't see the till — I can't see the point," said one disgruntled shopper. And the poor parents of Hollister's target demographic are suffering the most, losing their kids inside and getting disoriented to the point that they feel nauseous.

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