ALERT: There Is a Kate Middleton Halloween Costume for Your Dog


Today, Wendy Williams had a lady on her show dressed as a bumble bee, whom she introduced as a "pet fashion stylist," with her dog Bernard in a matching bumble bee costume. This was for a fashion show–style segment about dog Halloween costumes, in which Wendy — who was not wearing a costume — asked the woman, "Why is it so trendy for dog owners to dress like their dogs?" Anyway, all that matters is that at 3:20 into the clip, she brings out a guy dressed as Prince William from the royal wedding with his bulldog Lola clad in a Kate Middleton royal wedding costume. Apparently another bulldog, Tank, wore this costume to the Tompkins Square Park Halloween parade over the weekend, but it doesn't seem as though he had a fetching human prince to go with it, so it wasn't quite as dramatic as it is in this clip.