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American Apparel’s Beef With Plus-Size Performance Artist Nancy Upton Is Apparently Over

Nancy Upton's contest-winning photos.

After American Apparel refused to acknowledge Nancy Upton as the clear winner of their plus-size modeling contest last month (since she was, after all, making fun of their contest), the company received so much bad press that they invited Upton to their headquarters to talk things over. She flew out to California to do so last week, and apparently had a great time. She even went out boozing one night with two of the company's creative directors, with whom she'd been trading icy Internet barbs just a few weeks before.

But not all was rosy, as Upton wrote on her blog this weekend. Her lengthy reflections about the trip can be boiled down to these three points:

1. They fed her cream puffs at their meeting, which she found ironic.
2. She thought everyone at the company was really awesome and truly well-meaning.
3. She wasn't really sure if her visit accomplished anything, which was verified when one of the creative directors wrote her an e-mail that said, "amidst all the late night fun and cream puffs (compounded by the fact that we couldn't re-watch the video of the meeting [due to technical issues]), we can hardly remember what was said at all."

Regarding the third point, Upton initially felt guilty about pasting the e-mail onto her blog, since she felt like it was an underhanded thing to do. But then she got over it, because she felt the e-mail exemplified how little she and the collective plus-size market meant to American Apparel, despite the fact that they flew her out to California to meet with them. So her post ends on a rather sour note, but she also says she considers the matter closed, so apparently that's the end of that.

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Photo: Shannon Skloss/The Daily Beast

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