Best Bet: Top Tights for Fall


Warm, comfortable, flattering, versatile: Tights have become the go-to article in many a New Yorker’s fall wardrobe. But not all opaque stockings are created equal, and discerning among the dizzying array of hosiery options raises quite a few questions. Does price predict durability? Does heavier equal warmer? Why do some suddenly go all baggy? To find definitive answers, we subjected nearly a dozen makes, including (from left) pairs by Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Commando, Wolford, Target, Forever 21, DKNY, Kate Spade, and Fogal, to extreme fabric testing at F.I.T. Click here for the results. Plus: a lamp for typography nuts, an origami-inspired wireless mouse, and more in this week's issue. [NYM]