See All the Looks From Beyoncé’s New ‘Countdown’ Video


At the VMAs just weeks ago, when Beyoncé revealed her pregnancy to the world wearing first a Lanvin caftan and then a Dolce & Gabbana sequined tux, she seemed to have already given birth to a new, conservative look. Her cleavage and legs were hidden away beneath yards of fabric — that stuff she so often rejects in favor of just a leotard and, sometimes, a pair of thick nude tights. But after the VMAs, being Beyoncé, she quickly returned to sexy minidresses, reminding us she wouldn't completely change on the outside because of motherhood. Her new video for "Countdown" exemplifies the new and old Beyoncé — sometimes covered, sometimes sexy, always flashy. See all the looks from her new "Countdown" video in the slideshow.

And watch the video here: