Slideshow: Celebrities Doing Mundane Things in High Heels


The best thing about not being a celebrity is that you don't have to dress up constantly in uncomfortable things so that you look good when paparazzi take your picture when you're "being average" in your time off. But, since the cameras are always around, it's normal for celebrities to wear their cocktail clothes at all times. Though they sometimes get lazy and leave the sequined minidress at home for the 9 a.m. business meetings, a constant remains: heels. Some are so seldom seen without their heels they may as well have them surgically attached to to their feet (and given the ease with which so many get plastic surgery and laser treatments, it's hard to rule such a thing out entirely). But an attachment to heels that seems to surpass even that of their own offspring is weird, if you think about it — who puts their heels on these days to walk to their car? Or take their baby outside? Beyoncé, that's who. And Miranda Kerr, that's who else. Ahead, a slew of photos of these celebrities and more doing mundane things in less than sensible footwear.