Coco Rocha’s Doormen Are Really Impressed by Her Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s Campaign

Coco Rocha. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/2011 Getty Images

Coco Rocha admits that she was a bit skeptical about Karl Lagerfeld designing a line for Macy’s. “I was just thinking, what is he doing?” Rocha admitted at the Whitney Studio party on Wednesday. But she overcame her attitude, especially when he asked her to shoot the campaign, which they did in Karl's personal library in Paris. “Macy’s wanted the backdrop of the library because it’s such a famous, iconic library now,” Rocha said. “He has so many books that even when we’re doing our makeup, we’re pretty much sitting on books. Because he just keeps getting more and more books. Insane.”

Lagerfeld, she said, likes to shoot in the middle of the night. “So we get there at six in the afternoon, prepared to be there until six in the morning.” But they don’t suffer too much. “He has a chef on staff, amazing food; his waiter, who holds his Diet Coke,” Rocha told us. “I mean, it’s the most amazing luxury; it’s old-fashioned, people just don’t do that anymore. He just makes everything super luxurious.” The Macy’s campaign is the most commercial work she’s ever done, she says, which means she's recognized a lot more now. “It is hilarious how people say, like, ‘You’re so famous! You did Macy’s!’” she laughed. Now, the doormen in her building think she’s finally made it. “I’m honored that my doormen love me now. Now I get dry-cleaning first.”