Courtney Love Owes Over $100K of Missing Jewelry

Courtney and missing jewelry. Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images

The tricky thing about being fabulous enough to borrow thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry for parties is that you have to remember to return it afterward. A Manhattan judge ruled this week that Courtney Love owes over $100,000 of jewelry that she loaned from Jacob & Co. to wear to the New Yorkers for Children gala in September. According to court papers, she borrowed two white-gold diamond chains ($34,200 each), one white-gold floral mesh cuff bracelet ($70,000), and one pair of gold diamond pave hoop earrings ($45,300), but then only returned the bracelet. Love claims that she gave the rest of the jewelry to the staff at the Mercer Hotel, where she was staying, to return for her, and alleges that they must have lost it. Her lawyer, James Janowitz, told the court, "I don't know what happened, but Courtney doesn't have the jewels." The judge found her responsible for their loss, but says that she should only have to pay "reasonable value/market value" in damages, not their full retail price.

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