Dubious Trend: Armpits


So friends, have you ... raised your arms today? If so, you may as well have the new Chanel shell clutch because that simple action might make you trendy, irrespective of all those sun salutes you do in yoga (which also makes you very trendy). The Huffington Post has identified armpits as a hot thing in the fashion media, after noticing that Ashley Greene and Aymeline Valade show theirs on the covers of the new issues of Canadian Flare and Japanese Vogue, respectively. They even compiled a slideshow of celebrities and models — James Franco, Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift, Gisele — who have flashed their pits on a magazine cover. "Though it seems extra buzzy right now, it turns out underarm flaunting cover shoots have a long history," the site explains. Everyone appearing in glossy magazines may as well show their naked armpits, since re-touchers just go in and erase all the armpit-ness about them anyway. You know, it's always tough to project these sorts of trends in fashion, but we'll put ourselves out there and predict that standing, like armpits, also has a bright future.

For Magazine Covers, Armpits Are The New Black (PHOTOS) [HuffPo]