Early Reports Suggest Men in France Are Getting Fatter


Last month Alexandre Mattiussi opened a shop in Paris to sell the men's clothes he makes. Of all sizes, he stocked more 48s and 50s than all the rest. This is "an average size," The Wall Street Journal and Mattiussi said. Or so they thought.

[T]he sizes he sold out of first were the larger 52 and 54.

“Men at 30, 35 or 40 aren’t thin like this, it turns out,” he says in his Parisian office, holding up a pinky finger.

Shoppers also complained that the shirts were too tight in the chest. Could it be that men in France are just building muscle? The evidence is too *slim* to rule out the spread of fat and man boob in the country, but maybe they're just working out more.

Are French Men Getting Fat? [Heard on the Runway/WSJ]