Elle Fanning Isn’t Going to Mess With Her School’s Dress Code

Elle Fanning. Photo: Charles Eshelman/2011 Getty Images

In a conversation that played out just like a conversation between two (albeit wise-beyond-their-years) teen girls giggling on the phone would, Tavi Gevinson interviewed Elle Fanning for her new online magazine, Rookie. On the topic of school uniforms, Elle says she's not hiking up her skirt's waistband and being that kind of rebel girl: "Last year all the girls got in trouble for their short skirts, and it’s sort of happening again, so I’m trying to do the opposite and I’ve decided that the longer plaid skirts look sort of cuter in a weird way. If you wear them a tad longer it makes them look, like, super-school-uniform. So I like it." And on a totally different note, Tavi seems to believe the spirit of Marilyn Monroe is keeping Elle's goldfish alive. [Rookie Mag]