For Tyra Banks, Harvard Business School Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving


Tyra Banks has been enrolled in Harvard Business School's executive education program for more than a year now, which makes her a fabulous late-night talk-show guest, since the hosts of those programs don't seem to ever get tired of discussing it with her. Last night, it was Jimmy Fallon's turn to interrogate her about school. "Jimmy, it is so. Damn. Hard," Tyra confirmed. Jimmy wanted to know what kind of degree she'd end up with when she graduates next year. Tyra said she wasn't exactly sure what it would be called. The detail that most people who talk to Tyra about her school gloss over is that Tyra is not enrolled in the MBA program, but a part-time program (which you can read about) that meets for a few weeks a year and is designed for people who already have jobs and can't be in school full-time, but can pay a tuition that is just about equal to what the MBA candidates pay. Anyway, details. Watch Tyra in the video.