Here Is an Outfit Made of Chocolate

Cindy Fabre Miss France 2005 essaie sa robe 100% chocolat pour sa participation au defile du salon du Chocolat 2011. Une robe realisee par le jeune styliste Benjamin Brass et la Chocolaterie de Puyricard. Aix en Provence, FRANCE -11/10/2011/Credit:DOIGNON PHILIPPE/SIPA/1110121411

Former Miss France title-holder Cindy Fabre modeled what appears to be a sort of Princess Leia–style bikini made of chocolates for the Salon du Chocolat, an annual trade fair in southern France. Her ensemble was designed by Benjamin Brass and constructed by Puyricard, an artisan chocolate-maker. This obviously took some skill, but was it really necessary to render so much chocolate inedible? [Daily Mail UK]