Jeremy Scott’s New Line of Adidas Sneakers Aren’t for Your Dog to Wear

Photo: Opening Ceremony/Opening Ceremony Copyright 2011

Jeremy Scott's latest collection in collaboration with Adidas Originals is out, including furry leopard-print sneakers, some with tails, and even a pair with a plushie gorilla (arms and all) instead of a regular tongue flap. Promotional photos of the shoes include a mini-version that seems to fit a happy, yapping dog just perfectly — but the Daily Mail reports that Scott isn't branching out into canine clothing and accessories just yet: The shoes are actually kids-size, from the line's childrenswear division. Of course, now that it's clear they'll fit Fido, too, it's only a matter of time before all the coolest pets at the dog run have them.

Barking mad! Jeremy Scott designs animal sneakers for Adidas... and models them on a dog [Daily Mail UK]