Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Analyze the Situation’s Abs, Contrast Waist Belts Abound, and More


The Situation, perhaps in an effort to diversify, has kept his abs mostly to himself this season of Jersey Shore, which came to a pretty boring ending with last night's episode. Yet at the end where he announces, as though anyone cared (no one did), that he WOULD return to Jersey for the next season, he flashed his abs upon kind urging from Snooki. And perhaps you've thought this but haven't articulated it, but he has an unusual set of abs. They're not the six- or eight-pack typified by gym-honed men, but more of a well-cleaved, very flat twoish-pack — and this can't be for lack of gyming. Are these Pilates abs? Yoga abs? Lonely reality star who can't find his GNC protein powder in Italy abs? At least someone on this show has retained a bit of mystery. For more style highlights from the season finale, enjoy our slideshow.