Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Snooki and Deena’s Full-on Visual Assault Reaches a New Peak


If Snooki gets drunk enough on Jersey Shore to have sex with Vinny and not know she had sex with him until she is told that she had sex with him, no wonder her wardrobe is the way it is. Who even knows if she's ever lucid enough to fully see herself? Or her clone, Deena? Or maybe all those patterns and all that excess is just strategy to conceal the stains they must surely accrue minute by minute as they drink and stumble their way through life. The outrageousness of their wardrobes mimicked their behavior in last night's episode, while, perhaps by default so that the show's visuals would balance out, everyone else looked pretty toned down. See the leopard, hairy shoes, sweatpants, and more fashion highlights from the new episode in the slideshow.