The Fug Girls: Jessica Chastain’s Style Evolution


This time last year, we couldn’t have told you whether “Jessica Chastain” was an actress or a character in a bodice-ripper who lost her maidenhood to the rough yet manly laird of the village. But now — thanks to a mind-boggling nine movies in 2011 alone, including The Debt, Take Shelter, and Texas Killing Fields — she's blown past “up-and-comer” into bona fide star who’s one juicy romantic dalliance away from her own cover of Us Weekly. How did she get there? Hard work? A great PR team? A deal with the Devil? Damned if we know. But we can tell you what she wore along the way, some of which may have played a helping hand in her populist ascent. Join us for a look at Chastain's evolving wardrobe, from "I Bought This at Express!" to "this was express-mailed to my stylist direct from Paris."

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