Kardashian Scents Make About $50 Million a Year; Blake Lively’s Post Breakup Hair Analyzed

Kelly Rowland.

• The total annual revenue brought in by the many different perfumes repped by Kardashian family members is estimated at $50 million. The CEO of Lighthouse Beauty, which produces their scents, believes that "it hasn’t peaked yet." [WWD]

• According to people who analyze this kind of thing, Blake Lively's new hairdo — bouncy, strawberry blonde curls — is a sign she's moved on from her rumored relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. [Beauty High]

• Just to put it out there, in the interview accompanying her cover of the magazine's latest issue, Kelly Rowland told British Cosmopolitan she's thrilled with the results of a breast augmentation surgery she underwent a few years back. [Us]

• California has passed a bill making it illegal for children and teens under the age of 18 to use a tanning bed. It's the first state to do so. [Jezebel]