Kate Middleton Wore Hair Extensions; Justin Bieber Has a New Hairstyle

Ming Xi

Kate Middleton's latest look included hair extensions! Her hair is a lie! AHHH!!! [Beauty High]

• Justin Bieber's had enough of his fringe, and is now styling his hair to stick up straight and tall. [Hollywood Life]

Ming Xi wears heavy, multicolored eye shadow on the cover of the new Chinese Numéro. [Beauty Is Diverse]

Vogue editors road-tested a range of this season's new mascaras, and their reviews are in. [Vogue Daily]

Numéro's beauty director collaborated with photographer Eric Maillet on a series of paintings — created using fall 2011's makeup products. [T/NYT]

• Banana Republic debuted a new scent alongside their spring 2012 collections. It's called "Wildbloom Vert Eau de Parfum." [Refinery29]