Marc Jacobs Will Wear ‘A Very Perverse and Decadent’ Halloween Costume

Courtney Love, Jason Binn, Marc Jacobs, and Katie Grand.

At last night's WSJ. magazine Innovator of the Year Awards, which were held at the Museum of Modern Art, a perplexed-looking Courtney Love arrived with Jason Binn. “I don’t know what I’m doing here. I thought I was going to a movie, and I have been kidnapped," she protested loudly when a publicist asked if she was doing interviews. Nearby, honoree Katie Grand explained her romantic Halloween tradition. "It's mine and my husband’s anniversary on Halloween of when we first got together. So every year we just end up going on a date for Halloween rather than doing anything Halloween-y," she said. So, do they dress up? "Yeah, but not in any weird kind of fetish costume, we just try to look nice."

Marc Jacobs was also in attendance, and spoke about how Diane Von Furstenberg had recently talked him into joining the CFDA board. "I’m in and out of town all of the time, and I said I was worried about getting to meetings," he said. "She was quite convincing. She said, 'You’ll be able to do it, don’t worry.'" Meanwhile, he's "not 100 percent" sure about what he'll wear to a friend's Halloween party tomorrow night. We’ve got a few options, but the theme of the party is Otto Dix–inspired Cabaret. So, it should be a lot of fun. It's my favorite film, and a great artist, so I’m sure it will be a very perverse and decadent costume."