Mickey Drexler Has Lots to Say About Pizza, Ice Cream, and J.Crew’s Expansion

Mickey Drexler.

J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler had lunch with Vanessa Friedman of the Financial Times, and it appears they mostly discussed food — namely pizza, which Drexler said he is "addicted to." So you see, reporting what interviewees order for lunch, and whether or not it gets eaten, is not just reserved for skinny female subjects!

Before he took over J.Crew in 2003, Drexler says, it was "a company with tasteless goods going nowhere," whereas now, to use a Drexler-like food analogy, it has become the booming gourmet cupcakery of clothing retail. See, who wouldn't prefer discussing food over corporate strategy? Friedman reports:

Drexler brings up pizza. “I know what the most popular is going to be here,” he says, and touches me on the shoulder. “Margherita! It always is. Watch ...” The waiter comes to present the ham, and Drexler asks him what the most popular pizza is. “Margherita,” says the waiter. Drexler looks delighted. “Have some,” he says, gesturing at the prosciutto, and continues.

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