Nicole Richie Will Launch a Fragrance; Joey Malouf Explains How to Get Rachel Zoe’s Hairstyle

Johnny Weir.

• Nicole Richie has signed a deal with a perfume company to produce fragrances branded in her name. The first scent will be "cool, classy, with an edge." [WWD]

• Joey Malouf offers a how-to guide to getting Rachel Zoe's tousled hair, as well as its inspiration: "We call it 'model-off-duty hair.' Whenever we're in New York, she says, 'Joey, look at that model. She. Is. So. Maj. I want to look like that.'" [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• In a new Numero editorial, model Chloe Memisevic has wispy curls seemingly frozen in place. That'll take a lot of hairspray. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

• A NYC hairstylist is being sued for allegedly leaving a voice mail message filled with racial insults after a client canceled an appointment. [City Room/NYT]

• Interviewed for a new ITG "Top Shelf" profile, actress Léa Seydoux says there are no nail salons in Paris, so getting a manicure there is very expensive. [Into The Gloss]