Oscar de la Renta Disapproves of Celebrity Fragrances, Admits a Fondness for Dancing With the Stars

Oscar de la Renta's celebrity-free "Live in Love" ad.

"If you approach fragrances to say that a celebrity is going to sell your fragrance, you should not do it," stated Oscar de la Renta yesterday at Lord & Taylor, where he was launching his new scent, "Live in Love," with his CEO Alex Bolen. "Fragrance is not about the moment; it’s about the life. Fragrance is not about, 'Oh my goodness, I’m going to wear this fragrance because Jennifer Lopez had it on.'"

Not that he has anything against Lopez, of course. "I think she is a great girl," he added, admitting that he watches Dancing With the Stars from time to time. "My wife says, 'Why are you watching such trash?' But I do watch it. I love movement. And I think [dancing] is the best exercise you can do that is not an exercise." Would he ever consider being on the show? "Oh, no!" laughed de la Renta, looking horrified. He thought for a moment, and then added, "But I think I probably would be really good." Bolen leaned over and piped in: "I think it's a good idea!"