Party Lines Slideshow: Fern Mallis, Liam Gallagher, Whitney Port, and More at the WGSN Awards


At last night's WGSN Global Fashion Awards at Gotham Hall in New York, Fern Mallis shared more thoughts on the Milan Fashion Week schedule drama. "I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it," she laughed. "It seems like the gauntlet has been put down. If New York [Fashion Week] started a couple of days earlier, it probably could alleviate some of the overlap. But the CFDA will have to decide that with its membership. It’s going to be interesting. I’m loving watching it!"

Mallis does have a few predictions about the outcome, though: "I’m sure the Europeans would like to go first again. I’m just getting that feeling," she said. Not that she thinks this is a good idea. "Showing early used to be an issue with production, so you could get reorders and do more business. Now reorders don’t even seem to be an issue. It’s just getting the goods out, because everyone seems to want them first. Why? I don’t know. I think the stuff gets out in the stores too soon anyway as it is. I wish that they would all move back later and make deliveries closer to the season that you’re living in," she explained. And how could that be achieved? "Not having Milan freak out about being so late on the calendar! Be happy. Deliver your clothes when people want to buy them ... I haven't gone shopping recently but I bet half of the good fall clothes are gone already. It's crazy!"