A Massive Slideshow of Detail Shots From Paris Fashion Week That Will Make You Want to Go Shopping

Showgoers at Paris Fashion Week are certainly in no danger of falling victim to that old adage, "Don't let the clothes wear you." These women seem to know that the quickest way to own an outfit is by adding the right accessories or standout beauty touches. There are the bizarre-in-description, flawless-in-execution styling ideas (example: silver studs matched with cobalt feathers juxtaposed against white lace), and whooda-thunk-it makeup moments that turn out positively sophisticated (witness alternating gold and black nails). Then there are the simpler things, which are sure to trigger an impulsive fall purchase — you'd be forgiven, if, after seeing these photos, you simply must make an after-work shopping pilgrimage to pick up a matte poppy lipstick or a pair of eccentrically shaped black sunglasses. See the slideshow for these looks and more voyeuristic sartorial close-ups. (And if all that weren't enough to make you click, there are a few famous faces sprinkled throughout. Make like it's a game and see if you can spot them.)