How André Leon Talley, Constance Jablonski, Taylor Tomasi Hill, and Other Fashion Folks Recover from the Shows


After a month of flying between New York, London, Milan, and Paris, where they rush from show to show in uncomfortable shoes and have to look their best at all hours, fashion folks are pooped. They've now had a week to recover, whether that means juice-cleansing, movie-watching, shopping, or stuffing their faces. So what are people's real routines for getting back on their game? For model Caroline Brasch Nielsen, it's doing a "little bit" of partying and sleeping in until 11 a.m.; for Marie Claire editor Taylor Tomasi Hill, it's a chili cook-off. Read about other fashion folks' recovery tactics in our slideshow. (Bonus: See a photo of André Leon Talley from 1974, which he was inspired to send to us after re-watching Marlene Dietrich's Shanghai Express last weekend.)