Project Runway Recap: Moving For Four-ward to NYFW

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With what seems like a ridiculously short amount of time at their disposal (five weeks to make a ten-look collection worthy of showing at New York Fashion Week), the final four designers get sent on their merry — if somewhat dazed — way home. Of course, they'll be back in the city a few days before the shows begin to present the judges with a flavor of their full lines in hopes of avoiding one last elimination. (At this point, it's like just have them make a dress blindfolded or using only their left foot, as they're all too spent to care.) Heidi sternly reminds them that only three lucky folk will get to present their collections at Lincoln Center.

Judging commenced, but that's it for next week's finale because (SHOCKER) Heidi et al. decided to let all four show their collections after all. Basically, they couldn't bring themselves to cut pretty little Anya, but can she pull things around in time to bring the win back her way?