Speculation Over Ron Paul’s Droopy Eyebrow; Armani Continues to Airbrush Megan Fox Into Oblivion

Anais Pouliot

• There's been speculation that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul wore false eyebrows for the debate on Tuesday night. One wasn't applied properly, and started to fall off during the telecast. [NYT]

• And here's another eyebrow-related news item: Even soldiers are sculpting their brows, some going as far as threading. [WSJ]

• For an editorial in the new issue of All magazine, model Anais Pouliot had her hair braided most intricately indeed. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

• Here's a how-to guide for those wanting Rachel Zoe–style soft curls, from her hairdresser Joey Maalouf himself. [Refinery29]

• For those who got too caught up in the recent celebrity trend for pixie cuts, here's a gallery of options for growing the short styles out. [Refinery29]

• NFL fans can now buy specially branded polishes to paint their nails in their team's colors. You know, as opposed to just using the non-branded color equivalents. [Bellasugar]