The Fug Girls Predict the Project Runway Winner

From left: looks from Anya Ayoung-Chee, Viktor Luna, Joshua McKinley, and Kimberly Goldson.

It’s probably a good thing for Project Runway that tonight’s season finale comes a full year after the previous season ender, because frankly, viewers needed about that much time to calm down after Gretchen Jones's surprising defeat of Mondo Guerra. Unfortunately, we can’t predict whether it’ll be easier on our blood pressure this time around: This season, we haven't felt inspired by the clothes enough to care if someone loses, but we admit there’s just enough WTF out there that whoever eventually wins could still boil our blood. Per tradition, though, we can try to predict who will emerge victorious by handicapping the four finalists, using what we’ve seen on TV and what came down the New York Fashion Week catwalk. Warning: Spoilers within, so if you didn’t take a sneak peek at the collections when they showed in September, you may want to avoid this until after it’s all over and you can gloat about how wrong we were.

See the complete runway looks here:
Anya Ayoung-Chee
Viktor Luna
Joshua McKinley
Kimberly Goldson