The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: Rachel Needs a ‘Red Lip’ When She Goes to the Hospital to Give Birth

Episode Title
Bathing Suits and Big Changes

People do not make it onto reality television so that they can be "a slightly better-edited version of themselves on screen, realizing that the world is watching." This is just what Rachel Zoe is not, writes Jacob Bernstein in the Daily Beast for an essay about how the show and Zoe are "appalling," yet quite entertaining. Jacob, meet reality television. Reality television, meet Jacob. Reality television's stars should end up being a slightly worse-edited version of themselves, since the editors have to cut a bunch of footage of people hanging out and doing mundane things into entertaining episodes with some semblance of plot. Of course, on The Rachel Zoe Project, we're treated to some of humanity's best examples of lacking self-awareness. And we love them for it. Who doesn't say awful things they shouldn't say when just in the presence of their friends? And who has the balls to unabashedly keep saying those awful things when on national television? Not us. Besides, how much can we really know about Zoe's character from watching this show? After all, you know what they say about character: It's what you do when no one is looking. And you know what they might as well start saying about reality television? It's what you do when everyone is looking.

Thankfully, on last night's episode, this included Zoe planning what she would wear when she gives birth, Jeremiah wearing scoop-neck T-shirts, and Joey calling Rachel "a pregnant whore."

Next week: will Jeremiah make a dramatic return to Team Zoe as the Manny? Keep your heavage crossed, folks.