Times Reminds the World New York Wasn’t Always a Fashion Capital


The CFDA might stop fighting Italy's plans to hold Milan Fashion Week on dates that would overlap with New York and London Fashion Weeks, and just begin the New York shows earlier than planned next September. This would be in exchange for a formal agreement with Italy about show dates for 2013, CFDA president Diane Von Furstenberg said. Her statements come even after Condé Nast threatened to have its Vogue editors boycott Milan Fashion Week in favor of attending the New York and London shows — a threat that wasn't great enough for Milan Fashion Week chief Mario Boselli to change his mind about Milan's dates.

However the issue will be resolved, it will show which fashion capitals have the most power in the industry. Eric Wilson reports for the Times:

“We have to protect the industry,” Ms. Von Furstenberg said. “To give jobs is the No. 1 responsibility for anyone today, and that’s what we have to realize.”

One Month, Too Much Fashion [NYT]