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Top Model’s Next Season Will Reportedly Be U.S. Versus U.K.

Tyra Banks

While much of the currently airing All-Star cycle of America's Next Top Model has yet to play out, the show's eighteenth cycle has already started taping (with new judge Kelly Cutrone). The newest cast debuted at a public runway show in L.A. on Monday night, proving that Tyra had spoken the truth with her proclamation that there would be no more "normal cycles" of the show. According to giddy fans at the event, there are seven American girls and seven British girls competing.

Brit Nigel Barker rolled up in a Mini Cooper convertible that was painted as a Union Jack. Miss J. pulled up in a red and gold Ford Mustang. Next came the float with Big Ben carrying seven British models, followed by the float with the Statue of Liberty, the American models, and a bunch of shirtless guys with American flags and white flags that said "America's Next Top Model."

After the reveal, [an announcer introduced] the girls by name, height, and the city they come from like they were entering a boxing match. Each girl was encouraged to taunt the other "team" with antagonizing statements. Then they faced off in a runway "fight," taking turns making passes down the runway and fighting for a spotlight at the end. Our source said that the British girls were much more impressive than their American counterparts.

This will no doubt be quite the cultural exchange, if nothing else. And is it too much to hope for a photo shoot recreating the Royal Wedding? (Probably not.)

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 18: US Versus UK? [A Blog About Things via Fashin]

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

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