Video: The Today Show Uses Halloween As an Excuse to Reenact the Royal Wedding


Today show viewers had to wait an agonizing hour before their trusty anchors put on their Halloween costumes. (Interviewing the Madoffs just wouldn't have been appropriate if one of them was dressed as a fairy.) As if you really needed to delay your commute into work to see what they would be. But then, things got suspiciously interesting when they began replaying footage from the royal wedding. Watching the repeat was surely worth being late for, so maybe, like me, you sat back down on the couch. At last, NBC revealed its full trickery, when the Today show cast popped back on the screen as royal wedding characters. Al Roker was Prince Harry, while Matt Lauer was Prince William and Anne Curry his awkward bride, and Natalie Morales made one hot Pippa. Before Meredith Vieira stumbled onto the set — which included a fake Buckingham Palace — as the queen, Lauer explained that this could only be the culmination to the program's 730 days of royal wedding coverage. Later, as his co-anchors cruelly (because they knew it was so awkward) tried to get him and Ann to kiss, he said, "Let's show as much emotion as they showed on Today," and went in for an air kiss, that sass. Enjoy that — and Kathy and Hoda as Beatrice and Eugenie!!! — in the clip.