Beyoncé’s Real Wedding Dress Finally Revealed


We don't know that much about Beyoncé and Jay-Z as a couple, which is how they want it, and deep down, probably how we want it too. They go to each other's concerts and appear at each other's sides on yachts, and we don't have to get sick of hearing about their personal lives ("He opens the Champagne! I sun myself on the boat deck!"). But when Beyoncé's DVDs come out — and she's premiering a new one of her Roseland shows this weekend — we get that rare look at them as maybe the best celebrity couple ever. Apparently a clip from this DVD even includes a scant look at the wedding dress Beyoncé wore to her real wedding (not the music video one) when she married Jay-Z in '08, from which no photos were ever released. Naturally, the dress could eat Kate Middleton's train alive.