Pippa Middleton’s Rumored Party-Planning Book Has the British Press Up in Arms

Pippa Middleton. Photo: Nick Harvey/2011 Nick Harvey

According to recent — and totally unconfirmed — rumors, Pippa Middleton is in talks to sit her famous rear down in front of a computer to write a book of party-planning tips. (Or maybe she'd prefer sitting down over coffee with a ghost writer. Who knows?) Though her experience working for Party Pieces, the Middleton family business, would arguably give her some helpful insights to share, British newspapers think the very possibility of this book is a terrible idea. The royal family is notoriously prickly when it comes to the co-option of their "brand," and it would be considered uncouth for Pippa to "cash in" on her new status. Both the Daily Mail and the Guardian ran "scathing parodies" of Pippa's book, replete with satire, references to Prince Harry, and silly candid photos of Pippa in costume. Clearly, it's much better, in the eyes of the press, for Pippa to just be photographed walking to and from work than to actually be caught working.

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