Halloween Party-Off: Miranda Kerr vs. Heidi Klum


After Heidi Klum emerged from a stretcher on the red carpet of her weekend Halloween party in Las Vegas, costumed as a skinless individual, it seemed Miranda Kerr would be helpless to top her. The models hosted dueling Halloween parties in New York last night, in case you hadn't heard. And it was most definitely a contest between the two models, because two women can't do the same thing at the same time without it being extremely competitive, as we all know. Klum has become known for the Halloween party she hosts each year, as well as her incredibly extravagant costumes which she plans months in advance and spends hours applying to her (and her husband Seal's) body. Kerr is a Halloween party-hosting rookie, but she, too, has a famous husband, is beautiful, and has made a career out of wearing (and oftentimes, not wearing) clothes. So, does she have the skills and qualifications to throw a party as awesome as Klum's? We determine a winner by comparing photos from each party in the slideshow.