Sofia Vergara Thinks She Looks Like a ‘Tranny’ on Modern Family and Would Look ‘Horrible’ If She Were Pregnant


Sofia Vergara is probably one of the most irresistible actresses working today, thanks to her sex appeal and sense of humor, which extends to her costuming on and off the Modern Family set. She says she looks like a "tranny" on the show, telling Good Morning America today, "With extra boob, with extra butt, I always have makeup and hair and big jewelry, so I feel like that." The reporter dubs this "extreme womanhood," which apparently wasn't always part of Vergara's life. She was called the Spanish word for "toothpick" when she was growing up in Colombia. "I suffer because everyone was more voluptuous than me," she explained. "In my culture a skinny girl has nothing going on." And then, because Vergara is a woman, who GMA reminds us is 39 years old, the interviewer asks if she plans to have more children, which didn't seem less rude than it often does in regular life (Tina Fey offers a nice take on it in her book, Bossypants). Vergara replied with some uncertainty, but laughed and offered, unsettlingly: "I don't think anyone wants to see Gloria pregnant ... I'm going to look horrible!" It would be a sad, sad world if her fans agreed that pregnancy would be the thing that could possibly make her look bad.