See How Different the Stars of Twilight Look Now Compared to When the First Movie Came Out


When the first Twilight movie debuted in 2008, its stars became instantly huge celebrities. Many of the young actors who started as relative unknowns underwent noticeable transformations in the three years between Twilight and Breaking Dawn, out today. The ever-polarizing Kristen Stewart has gone from an awkward, camera-shy tomboy, to a style star, posing for the covers Vogue, W, and Harper's Bazaar and the like (not that she doesn't still wear the occasional pair of sneakers on the red carpet). Robert Pattinson was named GQ's "Best Dressed Man" in 2010, and made the wise choice to tone down his brooding hipster look and embrace his heartthrob potential with a more clean-cut style. And the formerly overlooked underwolfdog Taylor Lautner gained 30 pounds, some serious abs — and legions of squealing fans. The actors behind the film's famous love-triangle aren't the only ones who have gone through style transformations; see how the rest of the vampy bunch has changed since the first Twilight premiere in our slideshow, which is fun, even if you don't care about Twilight.