Video: Coco Rocha Teaches the New York Staff How to Pose Like a Model


Once we learned that Coco Rocha lends her modeling expertise to agencies and new faces, teaching them the tricks of the posing trade, we naturally invited her to give us a private tutorial. When she arrived, our standard office setting suddenly came alive with the potential for major fashion moments. Not only did we learn how to get fierce in a bathroom stall, but also how to emote while doing it. (Hint: Reciting your vowels will contort your face to express various emotions). There was a walk-off with a mail cart — the key to killing it here is to only push it with one hand, while sexily mussing your hair with the other — and a rapid-fire round of poses in the elevator, changing it up with each floor. Check out the clip to pick up a few tips of your own, and also to marvel at how entertaining Coco is on camera (someone needs to give this girl a guest-judge spot on one of those fashion reality shows, already, at the very least).