The Best and Worst of December Fashion Magazines


The month of December has two themes and two themes only: Christmas and New Year's Eve. The connectors between the two? Calories. And sequins. Magazines fully explore all that is shiny and fattening this month, not that the models would show any sign of pudgeing up when they have their crop tops on, which was a New Year's Eve dressing suggestion in British Vogue. But that was far from the magazine's best image this month, which was a shot of a model dressed like a wedge of stinky cheese, replete with blue veins and air vapors. Meanwhile, American Vogue offered some unusual advice for holiday hair that involves replacing your hair with gold foil. See those images, along with hot blonde of the moment Candice Swanepoel dressed like a furry animal for V, a fake dolphin modeling a handbag for Oyster, and many more from this month's editorials in the slideshow.