Best Bet: Clinique Almost Lipstick


For many, Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey has been a standby for years — lightweight and moisturizing, with a natural berry tint that flatters a range of skin tones. In January, the brand is launching seven new shades for Black Honey devotees. The Almost Lipsticks are cold-weather lip-savers: They glide on like balm and don’t dry out lips like typical matte shades. They feel substantial and waxy — similar to a beeswax-based stick — rather than slick and shiny like a gloss. Though the shades look bright and bold in the tube, they go on sheer, adding a hint of color. Standouts from the bunch are the pastel-pink Shy Honey, which has a pretty, fresh effect, and Spice Honey, a flattering, toffee-colored balm that seems to brighten pallid winter skin.

 Almost Lipstick, available online in January.