British Soldiers Don’t Like Their New Uniforms

A British troop disembarks from the Royal Navy amphibious assault ship HMS Albion on April 21, 2010 on her arrival in Portsmouth, on the south coast of Britain after British troops returned home from Afghanistan and British holidaymakers repatriated after being stranded on holiday. Passengers were picked up in Santander, northern Spain, on April 20, and ferried to Portsmouth after aeroplanes across Europe were grounded by the volcanic ash cloud spreading in the upper atmosphere from Iceland. Photo: CHRIS ISON/AFP

Britain's Ministry of Defense was hoping to give its troops a makeover when it distributed new combat uniforms to soldiers in Afghanistan. But what was intended to provide more comfort and better camouflage turned out to be poorly fitted and designed, according to the men and women who wear them. Troops who wrote in to Soldier magazine said, "I could not help but think it looked like something from Toys R Us." Also: "There is no avoiding the fact that it does not look smart (my wife has confirmed this)."