The Fug Girls: The Eleven Most Surprisingly Stylish Celebrities of 2011


For us mere mortals, the end of the calendar year usually leads to such stirring self-reflections as, "Did I go totally broke this year?" and "Do any of my pants still fit?" But for celebrities, we imagine the scorecard is more consumed by things like “number of cleanses completed,” their ratio of bought shoes to free ones, and, of course, a tally of tabloid covers and fashion-police arrests. Sadly, we can’t help them with the state of their colons or shoe closets, but we can single out a handful of stars who can rest easy this holiday season knowing that no matter what else went awry, their wardrobe did not. So herein we present our Best 11 of ’11, so chosen for the size of the sartorial splash they made, and, of course, the numerical symmetry of the name. We are nothing if not exacting. (For more from the Fug Girls, visit