Kanye West Has Also Been Overeating This Week

Kanye, apparently 24 pounds slimmer than he claims to be now. Photo: OWEN HOFFMANN/??patrickmcmullan

The week between Christmas and New Year's is for two things: eating and shopping. You'll notice that "doing newsworthy things" is not included among those activities, which explains why bored bloggers have eagerly proliferated an unsubstantiated rumor that Kanye West is moving to London to set up an atelier for his new fashion label, DW. This tidbit was first reported by British tabloid The Sun, which quoted an anonymous "source." So, we can probably let that one go. But here's something about Kanye that we do know for sure: He's been stuffing his face this week, just like the rest of us. Yesterday, he tweeted, "I think I've managed to gain 24 pounds in 24 hours #thehoilidays [sic]." And you thought he was hard to relate to!

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