Patrick Demarchelier Thinks There’s Nothing New in Fashion

Patrick Demarchelier. Photo: Rabbani Solimene/Getty Images

Despite being one of the most famous fashion photographers, Patrick Demarchelier is often unimpressed by the repetition he sees in clothing design. In a profile for the Telegraph, he says, "Things change. Then, after a while, they come back. So things get longer and longer and longer. And then they get shorter and shorter and shorter. And at the fashion shows, people say, 'Ah! Fantastique!' — but things were like that 10 years ago; they go around. Only amazing designers think of the truly new." But, there is one thing that Patrick is consistently excited about shooting, even if it's not fashion-related. "When people ask me which is your favourite portrait," he says, "they expect it to be Diana, or someone famous. But the answer is my dog, Puffy."